Why we have a speed camera program

No level of road trauma is acceptable. On Tasmania’s ‘Towards Zero’ path mobile speed cameras help improve driver behaviour and reduce the level of speeding on our roads.

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Police Constable holding speed radar

Mobile phone and seatbelt detection

Mobile phone and seatbelt detection camera commence on-road testing.

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Driver holding mobile phone

Camera locations

Mobile speed camera locations are determined through a combination of crash history, infrastructure and speeding levels. Follow the link below to find out more or suggest a potential location.

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Camera car

How do mobile speed cameras work?

Mobile speed cameras prevent crashes by reminding motorists to obey the road rules. Their presence slows down speeding motorists generally and at high-risk locations.

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Camera car opened

Automated Traffic Enforcement Program

The Automated Traffic Enforcement Program has been established to re-introduce mobile speed cameras in Tasmania to prevent crashes and save lives

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Motorcycle police officer

Who maintains the cameras?

The Government has engaged Sensys Gatso Australia to maintain and operate all mobile speed cameras in Tasmania. Sensys Gatso operate out of two offices located in Hobart and Launceston.

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Over is Over marked car

Fine and penalties checker

If you are detected speeding, you will have to pay a fine or go to court and you will incur demerit points.
If you incur too many demerit points you will lose your license.

How to pay your fine